Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Terrorism in India

The following is a report on terrorist activities in India Published by Indian Times. This should serve as an eye opener for those who are blinded by the Indian propaganda of Terrorist activities in Pakistan. Most terrorist activity takes place in India far from Pakistani borders by local separatists who want to have a free homeland outside the British cobbled Indian Union.


India Had The Highest Number Of Blasts In The World In The Last Two Years, More Than Iraq, Syria And Pakistan
FEBRUARY 12, 2017
Though India isn't at war at present like many countries in Middle-East, yet India had the highest number of bomb blasts in the world in the past two years. According to the statistics of the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC), which is part of NSG, India's number in terms of having blasts is even greater to countries like Iraq, Syria and Pakistan which are more or less at war for the last decade.
The NBDC analyses and disseminates data related to bombing incidents in India and across the world. 
Bombshell Tells how India fares when it comes to blasts
In 2016, India witnessed over 337  Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) blasts. According to Bombshell, the journal published NBDC, nin  2015, a total of 268 IED blast rocked various parts of the country whereas country saw 190 blasts in 2014, 283 blasts in 2013 and 365 in 2012.
In comparison, Iraq, one of the most hostile places at present in the world, witnessed a total of 221 IED blasts last year to be in the second spot in the list.
Our neighbour Pakistan with 161 IED blasts remained at fourth spot to be followed by another hostile place Afghanistan with 132 IED blasts, Turkey with followed by  71 in Thailand, 63 in Somalia and 56 in Syria.
In 2015, Iraq witnessed 170 IED blasts, Pakistan 208, Afghanistan 121, Iraq 170 and Syria 41. 
The states which suffered the highest number of IED blasts last year were Chhattisgarh-60, Jammu and Kashmir-31, Kerala-33, Manipur-40, Odisha-29, Tamil Nadu-32 and West Bengal-30. 
Last year, one among many high-casualty bomb blasts took place in Bihar on July 18. Ten commandos of an elite CoBRA battalion of the CRPF were killed when a squad of 200 Maoists trapped and cordoned the troops and exploded about 22 IEDs in the Aurangabad-Gaya forest area in Bihar. 
Some of the other major IED incidents in India were:
Analysis of IED blasts in India 
Last year, there was a 26 per cent increase in IED blast incidents vis-a-vis 2015 and casualties have increased by 3 per cent vis-a-vis 2015, according to the NBDC. 
An analysis of IED data for the last 10 years (2007-2016) has revealed that there has been an average of 277 blasts, 223 fatal casualties and 724 non-fatal casualties over the years. 

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