Thursday, February 21, 2013

Massacre in Quetta - 2

Perhaps in response to my last blog ( in which I had questioned the motive of the massacre, I received the following message which is in Urdu but written in English. The year 1983 seems to be a typing error as General Musa was martial law administrator/governor of West Pakistan during the rule of General Ayub Khan in early 60's and governor of Baluchistan during General Zia-ul-Haq from 1985 to 1988
( I have heared the story for the first time and have doubts about its veracity. But if such allegations are circulating, any kind of madness can be expectd.

Message: "Fwrd as rcvd.......
Kya Aap ko malum Hy?
1983 Me Quetta fasadaat mea 700 Sunni Shaheed aor 70 sy zaid Sunni orton ko iman bary ly ja ya giya aor jb police imam bare mea dakhil hueie to 17 police walon k sr kat kr football banaya giya. 1983 k es fasaad mea mulaw-wis 300 irani or Hazara k shiya pakrea gay jin ko us waqt k governer Mosa khan, jis ki qabar iran mea hy, iran k hawaly kr diya tha, Is qatle aam me yehi Hazarea k shiya or shiya governer
genral Mosa mulavis tha, yh hazare wale shiya itne shareef, masom nahe, jitna unhe pesh kiya ja raha he, yh apna kiya bhugt rahea hean."

Who will talk sense into them?

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I received the same text this morning.
    Its indeed quite sad and alarming that religious intolerance and hatred has grown to such a level that some fanatics and hard core militants have been able to manipulate our people so easily.
    Ignorance or lack of proper education/knowledge is one reason why we continue to get blinded by our religious sentiments and as a consequence incidents like Abbas town or Badami bagh keep happening.
    Where are we headed??