Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Dozen Gifts of 20th Century

1. Realization that we are moving without knowing our direction or speed.
2. Relativity to predict illusions of a moving observer.
3. Cinema to enjoy the illusion of motion.
4. Atomic bomb and ability to destroy all mankind, creating a prpetual sense of insecurity.
4. Removal of difference between art and obscenity.
5. Air transport.
6. Transistors, integrated circuits and electronic devices.
7. Television and passive enjoyment of sport.
8. Satellite communication and conquest of distance.
9. Internet and unlimited instant uncensored information.
10. Prevalence of virtual reality and adultration of truth.
11. Erosion of gender uniqueness.
12. Spectre of Israel and growth of religious extremism and intolerance.

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