Sunday, July 08, 2012

War on Justice

There is hot news that the PP-lead coalition government intends to introduce 2 new laws in the parliament and get them enacted within a few days.
The first of them is said to be a law that will legalize libel against judges and authorize ministers and civil servants to refuse to carryout orders of the superior judiciary passed in their judgments. Such a law would be an absurdity and tantamount to promoting lawlessness.
What is really needed is a law empowering anticorruption officials to question all judges, barristers, bureaucrats, members of parliament, ministers and even the prime minister and president in cases of graft and corruption at a high level.
The second law on the anvil is intended to allow half Pakistanis holding dual (additional foreign) nationalities to become members of parliament.  This would amount to converting Pakistan into a semi-colonial state and compromise its sovereignty and integrity.

The only decent and democratic way of solving Pakistan’s current politico-legal problems it to go for a general election on the basis of the contentious issues and legislate on the basis of a fresh mandate. But unfortunately in this part of the world people give up power only by one of two means – death or disgrace.

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